alpharim polymers GmbH bans gas and oil as energy source

The manufacturing industry in Europe has a key role to play in mitigating climate change. Therefore, the owners of alpharim polymers GmbH also acknowledge their responsibility to limit and reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by their company.

The defined climate strategy of the plastics processor is to no longer use oil and gas as energy sources as far as possible. Therefore, it was decided to use only heat pumps for air conditioning, i.e. heating and cooling of the production line, as well as for humidity control.

The necessary investments are very attractively subsidised by the federal government. The management of alpharim polymers GmbH would like to thank the individual institutions, especially the manufacturer and the sponsor, for their excellent cooperation on this project.

Ortwin Knaipp, as managing director, is responsible for the further development of the climate strategy. “Going forward, we would like to continue to reduce to a large extent the emissions of our company that can be directly influenced. In further steps, this may mean having our own PV system or converting our vehicle fleet to alternative energy sources.”

About alpharim polymers GmbH: the company focuses on the processing of PA6 cast iron in its special form of Nyrim products. In this process, alpharim polymers GmbH produces standard semi-finished products for further processing, i.e. plates and rods, from a modified PA6 block copolymer.

Cast polyamide is a highly molecular and crystalline polymer. Nylon type 6 semi-finished products are produced in a casting process in which the raw material Caprolactam polymerises in a controlled chemical reaction.