Communicating Plastics

High performance – but  also a smart – polymer, into which electronic chips are casted during the production process –  this is what makes the difference between alpharim polymers GmbH to other polymer processing companies.

The alpharim polymers GmbH products parts are made of a very tough but flexible polymer based on nylon basis.

Smart communication

The Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) process is used to produce these parts.  With this technology also electronic parts can be used as insert, which enables the communication either by using RFID or NFC technology. “This makes it possible to read out important data from the producer simply by using a smartphone” explains general manger Ortwin Knaipp

Tracing is possible

Also for the production of reinforced light weight parts, e.g. under the use of foamed cores in combination with glasfibres, or carbon- or ceramic-fibres this RIM process is suitable. Serial parts –  even in high numbers – can be traced independent of their surface characteristics, as the electronic chip is integrated into the part.

Robust material

Parts made out of the material “alpharim” are highly robust, abrasion-resistant and suitable for applications involving extreme loads. A polymer additive has been added to the Polyamid 6 C base material to create an especially impact-resistant PA 6 block copolymer. Usage temperature: -60 °C to +120 °C. The material properties can be adjusted depending on the specific application. The material never shows a brittle break, also under very low temperature. Therefore the material can be used as replacement to some metal parts as well.

Source: Article was first published in „KC aktuell“.