Nyrim rods, plates and finished parts for applications under rough conditions

Nyrim casting is a specialised casting process suitable for small and medium quantities and for semi-finished or moulded parts. The products are highly robust, abrasion-resistant and suitable for applications involving extreme loads. A polymer additive has been added to the PA 6 C base material to create an especially impact-resistant polyamide 6 block copolymer. The material properties can be adjusted depending on the specific application. Composites, insert components and textile reinforcements can also be manufactured. alpharim uses Nyrim from Brüggemann for alpharim products.

Why Nyrim

Highly versatile and resilient material

Finished parts made of Nyrim offer optimal properties:

  • No brittleness and breakage
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • UV resistant as proven in numerous outdoor applications for many years
  • Material properties can be adjusted for specific applications
  • Robust, abrasion resistant parts for extreme loads
  • Can be utilised in place of aluminium and steel parts in certain cases where weight is an issue 
  • Usage temperature: -60 °C to +120 °C

Robust, abrasion-resistant parts for extreme loads

RIM production (reaction injection moulding) is a pressureless moulded casting process offering many advantages:

  • Parts have very low or no internal tensions
  • Combination of different wall thicknesses
  • Parts up to 35 kg
  • Processing with economical aluminium tools allow for series of between 300 - 100,000 pieces
  • Insertion of parts and textile reinforcement are possible
  • Organic sheets or composites can be manufactured using glass or carbon fibres 

Delivery forms

Semi-finished products: rods and plates

alpharim rods are available in diameters between 30 and 180 mm. alpharim plates can be supplied in thicknesses from 10 to 150 mm.

alpharim parts

Producing parts using the RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) process is a good choice especially when

  • quantities are too high for machining, making such production unprofitable or
  • injection moulding processes cannot be used because walls are too think or quantities are too low

alpharim composites

alpharim composites are polymerised in situ. This creates multi-phase materials with a reinforcing layer (carbon or fibreglass) chemically bonded to the matrix during the manufacturing process. This product differs significantly from ex-situ composites, in which the reinforcing layer is bond to the matrix through an additional process (such as infiltration). The in-situ process for Nyrim composites allows for a wide range of different reinforcements for different properties, which are then combined with a high level of impact resistance. These variations are manufactured individually and customer specific.

With Nyrim composites the positive properties of the separate components can be fully utilized:

  • Modification with elastomere
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Weldability
  • High wear resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Usable as insert for injection moulding

Core industries

alpharim moulded parts for machine, equipment and tool construction

The industrial applications of Nyrim moulded parts are diverse: Casting without additional pressure makes it possible to produce different wall thicknesses and components that weigh up to 35 kg. In contrast to injection moulding, Nyrim moulded casting can be used to produce moulded parts with a high weight, thick walls, and quantities of just a few thousand parts.

The mechanical properties offer invaluable advantages for machine and equipment construction. alpharim moulded parts can be used, for instance, as housing covers for equipment and machinery.

In tool construction, alpharim offers the advantage of extremely high impact resistance with high mechanical strength to match. The material does not become brittle or break even under drastic deformation.

This combination is used, for instance, in spring relief blocks. These are utilised as spacer blocks between the two halves of a press tool when the tool is not in use.

ALPHARIM cast parts for winter technologies

alpharim is always used in winter technologies when a high level of impact resistance is required at below freezing temperatures. Strong mechanical properties are required for safety, for instance, in brake linings for cable railways. In addition, the material is UV resistant (outdoor applications) and resistant to breakage, even during winter at below zero temperatures. Nyrim offers stable properties across a temperature range from -60 °C to +120 °C.

ALPHARIM moulded parts for transportation, railway technology and commercial or heavy-duty vehicles

Impact resistance, chemical resistance and the ability to withstand low temperatures are useful features in heavy duty or other transportation vehicle. Covers on switch systems, for instance, can stand up to high impact loads occurring suddenly, even at low temperatures. Impacts may occur due to blocks of ice, for instance, which come off of trains at high speeds.

alpharim is more lightweight and impact resistant – and therefore more break resistant – than steel. These advantages come to light especially in supports for mobile lightweight crane systems.

Application examples

alpharim Klemmhaken
One Part Clamp

cast from alpharim yellow (modified). It allows the linking of several buckets to a bucket chain.

  • Resistant to salt water
  • Combines the material characteristics of strength with the necessary flexibility of the side spring elements
  • Cast and totally finished in one cycle – therefore no milling or other finishing becomes necessary
alpharim Reibbelag Skilift
Friction pad for chair lift

made from alpharim black (modified)

  • Good dry running
  • Wear resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Cold resistant
alpharim Dozer Pad
Track pad for track vehicles

made from alpharim yellow (modified)

  • Low abrasion
  • Excellent toughness
  • Long service life
  • High mechanical load
alpharim Rolle
Roller for baggage transport system on airports

made from alpharim blue (modified)

  • Good impact strength
  • Good shock absorption